Is it easy to apply?

It is very easy to apply especially in the "Easy Fit". The "Full Fit" requires some additional steps that include the use of heat. Watch our installation video for more info.

Where is it manufactured?

It is both manufactured and shipped in the United States.

Does it protect my device

Our wraps are designed to protect against minor scratches, bumps, and drops. For full protection we still recommend screen protectors and cases.

What is Easy vs Full Fit?

Easy Fit is designed without edges. This is easier to apply and fit better into a case.

Full Fit is designed with edges and fully encompasses the back and sides of the device.

Does it leave residue?

Nope. Sometimes there will be some residue when initially removing the skin, but it is removed very quickly and easily by simple friction. Simply rub any residue with your finger and it'll come off.

What if I mess up the application?

We send a second duplicate skin in the case you make a mistake. Didn't make a mistake? Then you have a FREE second skin. Learn more on our Refund Policy Page.

What Material do you use?

We use 3M and Avery vinyl tape to make our skins. This brand of vinyl is specially designed for the use on cars (often exotics) which means the vinyl is designed for everyday wear and tear.